the New Woman in the Dressing Gown

Freed after years of school runs, I am embracing my new found opportunity to slob around the house for hours in a dressing gown. At 7am, I make something of an effort to wake up children (only because I want to avoid having to replace the school bus and it’s nice to show them I still care) and I let the dog out (to avoid any mess) but then all formal duties are completed and I can concentrate on the day ahead. I had been finding I could go for hours dealing with all my social media responsibilities without getting dressed, but the last two mornings I have taken it all to a new level of decadence. Yesterday, I made a cup of tea to take up when I retreated back to bed with the laptop. This morning I made tea and breakfast before wandering back upstairs. Oh, the joy of it. I could be some 18th century lady of leisure, propped up in bed with reading materials and mobile technology. Well, perhaps not with the state of my boudoir.

When I first moved into a house with a garden after years of flat-dwelling with balconies, it took me 5 years to properly move off  (psychologically speaking) the little terrace behind the house. I am grateful in this instance I am reaping the delights of no more early morning school runs in less than 5 weeks.

Despite having three calendars alert and functioning amongst the paraphernalia scattered across the duvet, I have annoyingly still been caught out by mid-morning visits by engineers and meter-readers, resulting in an undignified rush to get dressed before the visitors abandon the house. Clearly some more organisation is required before I can be the Woman in the Dressing Gown for the whole day.

digital drawing of a woman in a dressing gown


4 responses to the New Woman in the Dressing Gown

  1. Hi there, I got the link to your blog from the Reach Further LinkedIn group, I have been to a couple of their courses as well and totally enjoyed them. I really like your writing style and blog idea, I’ve often thought of doing something similar to try and deal with all the mad crazy things that seem to happen when juggling work, kids and life but don’t seem to have the natural talent for actually getting it onto a blog. Nevermind, I will just keep reading yours 🙂
    Thx, Katrina

    • gillianholding – Author

      Thanks Katrina. I am delighted you liked what you read, but I’m even more delighted about getting my first ever blog comment!

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