The Virtual Paintout: Laptop Lives Have It All

I awoke this morning in no doubt at all about what my NYR needed to be. I have light-heartedly blogged about my disturbing tendancies to not get out of bed in the morning and to then spend the rest of the day happily distracted by all things virtual. But enough is enough. It seems clear to me that I need to re-establish a proper working routine in my life as a means of promoting creativity and productivity. I detest routine, but have to accept on the basis of experience that some structured approach to my day is a necessary foundation for achieving anything worthwhile.

I am therefore declaring here and now that my 2011 will see a fantastically successful flourishing outburst of artistic activity. I can’t do anything about the intervention of school holidays, chauffeuring duties or kids’ music concerts, but I CAN plan my own time more effectively, and I am pleased to announce that the first 12 hours of 1 January 2011 have proceeded according to plan.

I have written my stream-of-consciousness Morning Pages, breakfasted moderately, run through my emails efficiently and read through Google Reader attentively. Which led me to The Virtual Paintout: About the Project., an extraordinarily inspiring idea by artist Bill Guffey which uses Google Street View as a resource for virtual global travelling to find good landscape locations to paint. Landscape painting does not usually figure as part of my already eclectic practice, but I have to admit I am seriously inspired by the idea of virtual paintouts, and will be joining in the January project as soon as it is announced. It looks like I will be seeing the world through my laptop ever more this year…


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