Seeing the World from the Top of the Mountain

on holiday in Paris

Does it matter that I can’t concentrate on anything these days for more than 10 minutes? Does it matter that hardly anyone can? Do the demands of 21st century life require a short-attention but momentarily highly focussed attention span?

The routine I am determined to establish involves Morning Pages followed by #adailyselfreflection followed by social media and email tasks. The trouble is that I get such amazingly inspiring insights during morning pages that I end up stopping to compile to-do lists at a number of points which involves the laptop. This morning, opening the laptop led me into my emails too early which led me to acknowledging new follows on Twitter which led me to an interesting new blog discovery (Seemingly So) which led me to my blog to add a link where I was surprised to see more visitors had been along than I would have expected (thank you Making a Mark!) and once I am into Making a Mark it is easy to get nothing else done for hours.

The result of all this internet burrowing was #adailyselfreflection concerned with regaining a wider perspective on my goals. I must remember that it will take time to find the best way of establishing this 2011 routine, and only by trying and actually doing can I succeed. Which is of course my mantra for my art practice.

On a positive achievement note, the internet burrowing also led to discovering some amazing iPhone photography, and inspired me to upload some of my own iPhone photos to Flickr. Flickr sadly doesn’t appear to have found them yet, so I can’t post a link. But do have a look at Aik Beng Chia.


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