Can I Say Yes To Anything?

Painter Jeanette Bessette was happy and ready to sell a few paintings between Christmas and New Year: Painter, Jeanne Bessette: Art Sales After December 25th.

.My initial reaction was: well who wouldn’t be? I’ll happily talk to someone at 4am if they want to buy my work. In fact, I’ll be happy just to talk about my work at 4am. Then it hit me that it was not just about being prepared to take business calls during the holiday period, or even about the benefits of committed and focussed social media networking. It was much more about having a body of work ready and available then and there, the moment somebody was in touch with an inquiry. It set me thinking about what I would have available if someone turned up unannounced.

The sad fact is, not a lot.

With a week’s notice (preferably two) I could resolve some unfinished pieces, and arrange for printing of a large amount of digital work. But I have lovely yet inaccessible stuff in sketchbooks, and I am guilty of keeping works together as an integral whole in readiness for exhibiting. What I do have is an eclectic mix of leftovers from phases of exploration which are somehow just still around. It’s really not good enough, and it is all too apparent to me that I need a sustained period of real-life productive painting in the studio so that when I do get the call in the middle of the night I have something current, resolved and exciting to show.


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