Creative Challenge


Imaginary arm

An imaginary drawing produced after two days of drawing nothing but forearms and hands last summer. Work begets Imagination. summer

If you are told not to think of a purple elephant, you can think of nothing else. On similar lines, I find if I get a thought in my head which I realise is unhelpful to whatever it is I’m doing, it can be impossible to then dispose of it effectively. Thinking of topics for this blog is an example. When I blithely committed to postaday2011, I confidently believed all the hundreds of ideas which invade my mind on a daily basis would provide ample feedstock for the machinery of a regular blog. Until two days ago when I suddenly wondered what would happen if I didn’t have an idea? And within seconds, my mind was consumed by the idea of no ideas, and however hard I tried, I could not escape this maelstrom of the need for inspiration feeding a total absence of creative thought.

The painful part was that I knew the sparks were all out there on the periphery just waiting to surface and connect, and I was almost on the point of driving to Sheepscar Junction (my personal all-time best eureka-moment facilitation venue) when I took the easier route of looking at The Daily Post, WordPress’s experiment in motivational blogging. I happened upon a short post about fears and concerns of bloggers, and it was very useful. More interestingly, it was the catalyst for acknowledging some important universal truths about creativity and work equally relevant to my practice , and life in general for that matter. Why is it so easy to forget self-evident stuff?

In this case, I was reminded about just doing, not thinking; about not beating myself up for not brimming with superlative ideas; about quantity being more important than quality… And I remembered that I am first and foremost a visual artist, and all I need to do is post a drawing if I have no time to write. And that is a very easy option indeed.


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