Son et Lumière at the Giza Pyramids


Son et Lumiere at the Giza Pyramids

Son et Lumiere at the Giza Pyramids (2007)

About five years ago I travelled through Egypt downstream on the Nile. My first view of Cairo came after days of visiting the impressive traces and remains of ancient Egypt. I was struck by the incongruity of hundreds of new apartment blocks built as shells for occupants who might or might not have the means to get themselves connected to the power grid, and the implacable greatness of the great pyramids.

I hope against hope that the moderate, democratic and progressive forces seeking change in Egypt this week will prevail. I pray that the outcome will, on a broader front, enhance the likelihood of peace in the region and not destabilise it further.

The image above is a reproduction of one of a series of etchings I made following my travels, collected together in a book “Some Random Observations on a Journey through Paradox, Absurdity and Contradiction” (2006)


2 responses to Son et Lumière at the Giza Pyramids

  1. margaret nickels

    I went to Egypt as a teenager and was almost competely overwhelmed by the sights at Giza. However your view is different and surprising and possibly gives us a snapshot view of the modern country.

    • gillianholding – Author

      This was not an actual view; it is a composite based on sketches i made of the pyramids and some of the suburban surroundings, and was more of a commentary on the paradox that is modern Egyspt. However, I do remember being forcefully struck by the proximity of urban Cairo to the ancient remains. I suspect though a huge amount of building has happened in the last 30 or 40 years, and if you returned today, it would be quite possible to find a view of this sort.

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