An iPhone’s View of Roundhay Park

I’m a bit pressed for time today, so decided to walk the dog and let the iPhone at the same time do its own thing for today’s post.

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On a particularly misty bleak February morning,  this meant just letting the camera find its own way to take whatever was in my path. However ‘boring’. Not that the park is ever really boring, but it wasn’t initially the sort of morning conducive to producing images for a tourist brochure. Undeterred, though, I felt that leaving it up to the camera and then sticking some filters on with no messing around might be a fun challenge.

These are the results. It is interesting how this random process approach produces some images that really capture the essence of how I experienced the morning. It’s good the camera felt the same way. The app, by the way, was Lo Mob.


One response to An iPhone’s View of Roundhay Park

  1. […] I have contemplated this sort of thing before: a couple of months ago, I randomly took a whole batch of photos through some random photo filters to good effect, which seemed to prove my theory that it is hard […]

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