curiosity 2

One of the aspects I love most about the whole daily blog challenge is the way in which it is opening up a host of creative challenges and opportunities. The daily image accompanying the text, for example, has become a very important aspect of the blog. Sometimes it takes as much time to process and create the image as it does to write the post. Given the time constraints of daily life, I think I’m slightly mad taking it to this level, but it’s fun and enjoyable and I am rediscovering photography as a very expressive art form.

It’s not surprising then that the weekly photographic challenge that someone came up with has caught my eye, and this week’s selection is driven by the theme of ‘curiosity’. In a sense, every photo I take is an expression of curiosity, and very often the photographer is herself an object of curiosity. The subject is a very open one indeed. A metaphor for life.


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