The Art of Cogne (Val d’Aosta) I

Despite snow, fog and ice, I survived my flight yesterday and now find myself in Cogne (an isolated Aostan village) for a week with intermittent wifi access and my service provider already about to withdraw service because I have almost reached the roaming limit. All I did was log on to the Internet to get a code for free wifi at Geneva airport and then attempt to download a Google map. No tweeting or emailing or blogging but O2 have decided that’s quite enough from me.

And so this week presents great blogging challenges and it will be an interesting experience for me to see where it all leads. I have decided to focus on the quintessential essence of Cogne: what it is that has drawn me and the family back to this village over many years.

I start with a nighttime view of a car park in the snow with an invisible mountain in the background. It is my favourite valley: and many drawn, painted and photographed images have been created by me over time of this scene. It is etched on my memory. Every undulating contour of the mountains on each side, and the way in which the shadows play with the relief of the terrain from sunrise to sunset. This valley sets the scene for Cogne itself.


One response to The Art of Cogne (Val d’Aosta) I

  1. rowena

    From snow to snow – good to see you’ve arrived safely and in time to blog! That was quite a surprise to open the curtains and see 4inches of snow in Yorks on Saturday morning! Will look forward to more Italian themed posts!x

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