In Celebration of Life

I’m back. I survived another couple of airports, another day of pretty much zero communication and after a week of megabytes of information deprivation and enforced web detox, I have to say I was feeling quite relaxed about the whole Internet thing and in no rush to login.

I felt slightly less comfortable coming back to the news of the Libyan crisis; it is hard to believe it is possible to be so oblivious to world affairs, but if you don’t think of switching on tv (as we didn’t) it is in fact easy to forget the rest of the world exists. And sad to think what goes on elsewhere whilst I’m in my happy cocoon.

Feeling appreciative of my lot, and looking forward to not messing with a mobile phone for today’s blog, I eagerly raised the lid of the laptop this morning to discover… no Internet access. Oh, the irony.

So it’s still all about tap-tapping claustrophobically on a tiny screen. And to return to the main theme of the day, I truly am glad to be alive. Not just because I flew back safely to a stable country where I’m unlikely to get shot on my street, but because I tidied out some kitchen drawers and cupboards this morning.

I like to think I do this reasonably frequently but food labels suggest otherwise. The prize item was a bottle of Tabasco sauce which apparently went past its use-by date in 1990. And even though I could have sworn I last carried out this exercise less than a year ago, there were still a remarkable number of 2009 and 2010 use-by dates. The weirdest date was the bottle of spirulina(!) which showed a ‘best-by’ of 26 February 2011. Given the family seems well able to withstand even excessively outdated food, I am tempted to keep that bottle, although since I haven’t used it in the last three years, the odds are low of it having any chance to poison us.

The problem is not my slatternly ways, but time passing ever more quickly. I can’t keep track of library books, never mind bags of flour. But it’s a nice feeling now to have all that empty storage space, and at last I have a sense of spring coming, with the crocuses and snowdrops popping up everywhere.


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