Time Constraints and Randomness


blue sky thinking, clouded

blue sky thinking, clouded

Some days there is just too much to do. In fact, most days there is just too much to do. And sometimes the day is frequently in danger of getting in the way completely of everything else that needs to be done.


Since I made the commitment to daily blogging, I have become adept at fitting it in to the day, and fitting the day around it. There is a difference: it’s mostly driven by the content of the post. A fuller post with loads of imagery (or at the least, complicated photo-edited imagery) demands centre-stage for the morning at least. Other posts just slip through. I could make life much easier if I never included an image. But as a visual artist, that is asking the impossible. And as a visual artist, I can’t include any old image. It has to have some intrinsic aesthetic worth. And if the image I have in mind doesn’t have the visual appeal I want, I end up fiddling for ages. And there was you thinking these are just any old images…

Today is one of those complicated days. I have had other obligations and responsibilities to meet. I could have got up at 6am to deal with everything, but I didn’t. So I find myself mid-afternoon (unheard of with this postaday 2011 commitment) thinking: what happens if I just sit down to type without a single thought in my head just for the sake of meeting my commitment? What will emerge? What creative burst will fill the void?

I am not new to stream-of-consciousness writing in general. It is an important aspect of my creative practice. But it is usually unformed, incoherent, occasionally rambling, occasionally impressively focussed. Above all it is private. Very little of life seems to be private these days; even odd pages from my sketchbooks can now be viewed online. But I have piles of notebooks filled with writing that will never see the light of day, and a good thing too. It is all self-indulgent stuff which serves a very private purpose.

Yet here I am now, off on a path with no real purpose and end in sight. I remember the comment from some time back that online content is plentiful and attention is scarce. I wonder if it an abuse of online privileges to write in a wholly uncontrolled way? Would it have been more ‘acceptable’ to post one image, and leave it that? Has anyone even made it to this point?

The internet has created a whole new set of ‘politesse’ dilemmas and concerns. I think I have said enough on this topic for now.

More normal service will be resumed tomorrow if we’re all lucky and I can get a grip on my day.


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