Zazie et Moi à Paris

Zazie et Moi à Paris

This week’s weekly photo challenge was (I vaguely recall) ‘shadow’. I don’t need to look very far to find work in my files which could be caught by this concept. I could spend time looking for a more quirky take on the subject, but I have always been intrigued by the shadow scale distortions of winter, so I’ll go for the easy option of posting some existing material.

This is part of the #adailyselfeflection series

This is part of the #adailyselfeflection series

On looking at them again, I think they have a somewhat sinister air. Is it just the distorted elongated form? Or just the bi-forked element (dog’s ears/skis) which is slightly alien?

Electrical art at Manchester Art Gallery

shadow play

Finally, this image from the Lozano-Hemmer exhibition I visited at Manchester Art Gallery last autumn. It was great stuff, and one of the most memorable works was the interactive shadow/projection piece pictured opposite. No-one it seems can resist a shadow play,  or a chance to wave at a tv monitoring screen, even in this era of the wii when it ought really to be very old hat indeed.


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