Searching Out Silver Linings


tree surgeon

tree surgeon

I’m having to live now with the great gaps down the road, and have completed a full day of mourning and moaning to anyone unfortunate enough to talk to me, so enough is enough. I’m now about to apply one of the fundamental rules of life; namely that anything not life-threatening offers potentially exciting opportunities if only you look hard enough. So I’m now taking the opportunity to look for all the positives coming out of yesterday’s tree massacre (and consequential destruction of all the nests and tiny habitats up out of eyesight). 

1. I am pleased that I didn’t vent my unhappiness on the poor guys climbing up the trees with a whirring electric saw. I stood watching for some time, and it was pretty scary stuff. The electric saw when not actually cutting was left to dangle freely at a great height, still making a noise, and I could barely look lest it should spontaneously reactive the cutting blade. The team seemed to be sensitive to my drama queen sighs at various intervals, so I forgave them their executioner role. Best of all, they turned a blind eye to my retrieval of three small logs. Always on the look-out for creative silver linings, I think I may have a go at some wood carving once I’ve investigated the properties of horse chestnut wood.

2. It is certainly true that the front garden is now flooded with sunlight in a way I have never seen. In the last 20 years, the only plants which have really taken in the dark, dry conditions were Euphorbia. Well, “really taken” is a relative term. There are some sparse clumps dotted around the brown earth. Nothing else has gained a toehold. So a tiny spark of excitement flickers at the prospect of an entirely new substantial section of garden suddenly becoming available for planting.

3. At the height of summer, the whole central section of road would be deepest shadow. Now, I realise, the lighter canopy will probably make for more interesting dappled light.

4. We will have a lot of late afternoon and evening sun flooding into one side of the house for half the year. I love the light at that time of day. It will be good to see more of it.

5. Just because the trees are no longer there doesn’t mean I can’t paint or draw them. I have 20 years of visual images ingrained in my memory. It is up to me how and to what extent I make use of them.

Nothing remains the same for ever. Life goes on. It’s always about what you make of it. It’s no bad thing to be reminded of this occasionally.


2 responses to Searching Out Silver Linings

  1. Great confirmation of the notion, of which sometimes it is hard to convince myself, that, whatever life throws at you, although you may not see it straight away: it’s all material for you to use.

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