Contemporary Drawing in Odd Places

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I saw some pretty exciting innovative drawing over the weekend. A contemporary drawing art fair Drawing Now was on at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, with a mass of great work to view, but the best bit was something of a sideshow on the other side of the city centre in an vacant commercial building. Undeterred by the weekend closure of the metro line I needed to take to get there, I tramped a good couple of kilometres on foot, and was rewarded by a little feast.

I think what appealed to me most about all these works was the immersive experience they offered. I’m not talking about the scale particularly (although all were in fact large scale) but the way each one compelled the viewer to properly pause, sit down, and gaze. I was in something of a hurry, but I found it hard to leave. I like this aspect of ‘drawing’: the ‘drawing in’ of the spectator in a very real sense; the ‘drawing to the attention’ of the viewer; the drawing as active protagonist and not just passive wall cover.

Some of the highlights from Luisa Rabbia, Robbie Cornellison, Myriam Omar and Barthelemy Toguo and Katrin Stroebel are shown above.


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