The Colour of Spring

We all have colours we associate with particular seasons, but I don’t suppose they’re necessarily the same for everyone. A popular combination for spring would probably be a bright light green and some yellow. Or the vivid saturated hues of grape hyacinth, red tulips and yellow daffodils against bare earth.

For me, it’s something else entirely. At this time of year, just after the spring equinox but just before the trees come into leaf in all their painfully intense glorious green, it’s the early subdued pink of the almond blossom which declares to me the light evenings are here. More particularly, that clear cool pink set against raw umber bark with olive green moss, and framed by the deep bluish-green of the surrounding evergreens.

What are your colours of spring?


One response to The Colour of Spring

  1. Mine is the profusion of white blossom on the mature trees in the nearby park – I don’t know what it’s called, but I always think of it as ‘may’. You’ve inspired me to go out with my camera to try to capture its beauty today. It quite lifted my spirits! x

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