The Glory of Wydale

I am spending this weekend in a curiously intriguing and beautiful place in Wydale just on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. The surrounding countryside is breaking out into spring and newborn lambs are gambolling with abandon.

The view in the image above has dominated my weekend, from the moment I have opened the curtains to last thing at night, with entrancing glimpses framed in the large-paned early Victorian windows.

This view defines Wydale. It is an odd mix of traditional Yorkshire countryside with touches of Peter Greenaway’s Draughtsman’s Contract.

It has been a weekend of reflection, reconnection with the spiritual side of life, and masses of laughter within a close and sharing community. My blog is not generally a very introspective one, but somehow I think for the next few days it will be hard to get out of introspective mode.

That’s okay though. It’s springtime. Hope and renewal time for the world.


One response to The Glory of Wydale

  1. That’s an amazing photo! You’re lucky to have waked up and have that as the first thing you see. Wydale makes great when spending days out in Yorkshire! I live in Hornsea Freeport, a small Seaside resort town in East Yorkshire. I wake up to a lovely view of the sea front every day which I am truly thankful for. If you’re life is as you make it out Gillian, you should come and visit. It would do your head wonder having a weekend away here.

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