The Woolgather Art Prize 2011

Woolgather Aesthetics

Woolgather Aesthetics: the joy of e-mail

A couple of months ago I received a friend request on facebook from an odd but interesting-sounding entity called the Woolgather Art Prize. Needless to say I accepted with shameless alacrity. The juxtaposition of ‘Art’ and ‘Prize’ was always going to be enticing, and a Leeds connection made for a winning combination.

Shortly afterwards, I caught an announcement inviting entries for the 2011 prize. It all looked a bit different from the usual art juried exhibition. For a start, the application form was formatted in a startling and memorable orange-red. And then there was a bit about artwork submitted not being returned to the artist. Instead it would be gifted to the public. Excellent, I thought. I would be very happy to have my artwork gifted to the public. Worth entering on that basis alone, I thought.

So I submitted an application, and was excited to hear my submission was accepted. I had no idea whether this was a significant achievement or not, but it made me happy just to see another happy red email.

The Woolgather Art Prize 2011 had more fun in store though. The next highlight was a red email asking me to submit a bit of information for the website and a three minute video explaining how I sustain my practice. I was off on holiday for most of the period before the deadline, but was so inspired by the idea of creating a video, it didn’t matter. I managed to produce something at least, even if it was far short of a masterpiece, and it was a good opportunity to reflect a bit about where my practice is at. Something which needs to happen a bit more often than it does.

I received a friendly happy red email in appreciative acknowledgement, and now yesterday I hear the welcome news that the website is up and running. Check it out and see if it brings a smile to your face too! And spread the word. In these depressing times of spending cuts and gloom and depression, The Woolgather Art Prize is a breath of fresh air and it has been my privilege to be part of the process.

The Woolgather Art Prize event opening is on 6 May 2011 at Dyson Chambers, Leeds, from 18.00-22.00


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