More Signs of Spring: Magnolia

There’s no doubt that maintaining a daily blog means logging the passage of time in a very particular way. For example, I am very aware of the order of nature at this time of year: the blossom and scent of the daphne outside the back door from late February through March is followed immediately by the magnificent waxen bloom of the magnolia with an underplanting of pale lemon tulips and overly bright cowslips.

In the absence of the blog, I would register these details and delight in them and usually take at least one photo, but in the way of this last decade, the image falls into a digital wasteland of unprinted ephemera.

But THIS year, my magnolia in all its splendid glory is recorded and logged for a much wider audience.

It’s not the biggest or the best I’ve seen, but I’ve nurtured it from its bifurcated twiggy origins as it fought for space with the thuggish lilac standing alongside, ready to suffocate us in scent in a few weeks’ time.

As spring progresses, I am pleased at the idea of being able to record these delights in a rather more meaningful way than in previous years.


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