Cambridge Culture

This weekend finds me on a visit to Cambridge for purposes other than art but art is nonetheless impossible to avoid. Not that I want to avoid it: I feel quite envious of such a wealth of treasures in a comparatively concentrated area.

I am always amazed too at the number of serious and interesting-sounding classical music concerts on offer. Railings throughout the city centre are overflowing with musical enticements. Or maybe it’s just that the notices don’t get pulled down from railings after the event.

But it’s the unexpected richness of the sights which is a delight to the casual visitor with limited time. A few years ago I was visiting Kings College Chapel (above) and was stunned to stumble upon Rubens’ Adoration of the Magi as the altarpiece. I’m tapping this out on my phone so I can’t put in a link. But it’s an extraordinary image of drama and colour and light, and catches you completely unawares.

Then of course there’s the quirky and inviting Kettle’s Yard. Again no link, which is a shame because it has an interesting history, is a delightful setting and houses some inspiring 20th century art.

I haven’t even touched on the museums. And sadly won’t have time to see much this weekend. Just wandering the streets will have to be enough.


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