Sunshine in Spring

Oh, the heat, the glorious heat. Especially, above all, when it is unexpected and unseasonal. I have posted previously about the pain of winter mornings and evenings and the temptation of an annual migration to the southern hemisphere, but then all is forgiven if not forgotten when spring days like this arrive.

Suddenly, deadlines, goals and making headway on the millions of things on the list (I am unashamedly on a fixed obsessive theme this week) all become unimportant if they don’t have to be done now, this minute. I am willing to trade hours of working into the night next week if I can sprawl on the grass and bask under perfect sunshine and cloudless blue skies now. The feel-good psychological benefits of this, I tell myself, vastly outweigh the inevitable catch-up costs which will hit me later.

It’s a perfect chance too to do some serious daydreaming. The sort of free-association mind-drifting that society marks as ‘wasting time’ and thus drums out of most people by adulthood, but which is in fact as vital to spiritual health and wellbeing as good food and company.

And then there is the special nostalgia of sunny days of childhood in the run-up to exams, when all the best weather would arrive as revision hit its peak. I have rarely seen my lot revising in this sort of weather, but yesterday they were out in full force, sprawling amongst texts, files and paper.

At least some of us were working hard in the sunshine!


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