Sunday Selections

I managed to miss the last two weeks of the Sunday Selections photo meme run by Frogpondsrock, having been away from home and forced therefore to post from the iPhone which does not (as far as I can see) allow me to include more than one image in an email. More importantly, it doesn’t allow me to browse my old photos all dumped in one massive digital Pictures File. So today finds me once again plunging my hand into a virtual lucky dip. What will emerge?

Today: a series of images taken on my phone a few years back during the making of my worst print ever. One of those glorious failures so bad you can’t but help learn a great deal from it, and which resulted in these amazing textural images of the soap etching process on the plate. Silk purses and sows’ ears? Do click on the individual images to get the full effect!


3 responses to Sunday Selections

    • gillianholding – Author

      I didn’t make it clear: these are photographs of the actual etching process, the soap swirling on the surface of the metal. At the time I was overjoyed at the beauty of these marks compared to what was etched into the surface of the plate! So I immediately took the photos with my (at the time very poor) camera phone, and was intrigued by the results.

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