A Propitiation to the IT Deity

Panic, Propitiation to the Consumer God (2009)

There are days when I think it was complete madness to commit to postaday2011. I can handle the writing and posting on two blogs, but I can’t handle the continual IT hassles, connectivity problems and consequential simmering computer rage within the household.

I’m not the only one with the need to get online. Homework, revision and other work is all affected, and I calculate I spent three hours yesterday IT troubleshooting if you include some graphics tablet-Photoshop interface issues which surfaced in the morning.

Of course, the Photoshop-graphics tablet squabble was bound to happen. It was destined and pre-ordained and fated the moment I decided a few days ago that I would work digitally for a book I am writing which needs to be in draft final layout form by the end of July. For then, I have to produce 54 drawings and accompanying text for translation into Italian, but I calculated that if I committed to two drawings a day this month, it would allow plenty of time for the unexpected. So now the unexpected has started with hardware disputes and a disk trapped in the laptop and the slowest wi-fi connection in the world.

My social media commitments are falling apart. My now four non-negotiable daily writing/posting/drawing commitments are crushing all other online activities, because I have to at least use the few remaining working hours in the day to get out and about to fill the well of creativity. The dog still needs walking, the kids still need feeding, and there are limits to how long sheets can stay on a bed. Or then again, maybe not.

The silver lining, if there is one, is that whilst lethargy breeds lethargy, I do tend to find that busy activity encourages further efficient productivity. At this rate, I can therefore expect to have produced a mass of work by the end of the summer which will be no bad thing with an exhibition scheduled for early autumn.

All I need is for the laptop to keep smiling, the broadband to keep humming, the graphics tablet to connect, the router to not cut out, the software not to crash, the system not to hang. It’s nerve-racking.

Is there a god of IT? Can anyone suggest any suitable propitiation ceremonies?


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