Sunday Selections: Travelogue

Ancient rusty playground in Ulaan Baator. I prayed i would survive the ride.

One of the most curious places I have ever visited, Ulaan Baator in Outer Mongolia is a time-warp relic of Soviet colonialism. Despite a rough ride through the period of Soviet occupation, Mongolians have emerged with a great deal of dignity and humour. I was touched and moved by the delight young families showed in this archaic fairground, ridden with weeds, cracked concrete and rust.

More death-defying rides. Not through speed -though there was that too- but through the rusty bolts holding it all togetherMongolian scenery. A blend of bleak scenic grandeur, stalinist-aesthetic architecture and a pride in Genghis Khan

Half-obscured temple. The best show in town.

The airport. Bleak, grey, but serviceable.