A Patch of Grass

Walking through the park the other day, I was reflecting on the whole business of inspiration, creativity, sources, making… all the sorts of things in fact you invariably end up thinking about when walking aimlessly through a park with no responsibility other than to ensure the dog doesn’t disappear out of sight.

I began to muse on whether it was possible to take a completely boring picture. I have contemplated this sort of thing before: a couple of months ago, I randomly took a whole batch of photos through some random photo filters to good effect, which seemed to prove my theory that it is hard to take a bad photo these days with a camera phone and a goodly supply of apps. But still. It surely had to be possible to do something really truly boring.

After some futile picturesque attempts, I decided the only way to go was to stalk into the middle of the field, point the lens down and shoot regardless. I was aware that if I were an ant, I would probably find this grass metropolis fascinating, but luckily I’m no ant. Here’s the result.

Grass Unprocessed

But I can’t just leave it there. First, it’s still not boring enough. So I crop without looking and run it through a few filters on Art Studio on the phone and get this:

Processed grass

Oh dear. Beautiful colours. Abstract qualities of interest. Another go, this time on the desktop…

Grass Processed 2



2 responses to A Patch of Grass

  1. petra mullen

    A blade of grass

    You ask for a poem.
    I offer you a blade of grass.
    You say it is not good enough.
    You ask for a poem.

    I say this blade of grass will do.
    It has dressed itself in frost,
    It is more immediate
    Than any image of my making.

    You say it is not a poem,
    It is a blade of grass and grass
    Is not quite good enough.
    I offer you a blade of grass.

    You are indignant.
    You say it is too easy to offer grass.
    It is absurd.
    Anyone can offer a blade of grass.

    You ask for a poem.
    And so I write you a tragedy about
    How a blade of grass
    Becomes more and more difficult to offer,

    And about how as you grow older
    A blade of grass
    Becomes more difficult to accept.
    Brian Patten

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