Sunday Selections: Japan is Art

It’s Sunday and that’s the cue for another trawl of the digital archive for bits and pieces that otherwise won’t see the light of day.

The idea comes from Frogpondsrock, and the idea is to extract forgotten photos from the files. But all this discussion over the last two days on rule books and creativity has resulted in a flash of outside-the-box thinking. Today’s Sunday selection is therefore images from the archive, but rather than photographic imagery comprises a mix of scrapbook journal mementos and drawings on the theme of Art is Japan/Japan is Art. The Japanese, perhaps even more than the French, see Life as an opportunity to live Art.

I see it as a precursor to tomorrow’s post on gardening and art which was hijacked by being Freshly Pressed. And if anyone can connect the dots between Freshly Pressed, Japan, gardening and art you are clearly in a more lucid frame of mind than most people on a Sunday morning.

Happy Sunday browsing!




5 responses to Sunday Selections: Japan is Art

  1. I like this sentence: Life as an opportunity to live art. Okay, actually, I just like the concept “Live Art”–I guess it would be read as live art or live art (like ‘live’ music). I guess both would be applicable to gardening and art, art pieces with texture of leaves and wood, and especially love the chocolate wrapper: art and things that keep us alive. lol! Great post to ponder over Sunday morning coffee. Thanks!

  2. superrelish

    What a great idea. My memories from trips all end up in a box somewhere, forgotten about.

  3. Sorry that it took me so long to come over and visit. I like looking at other Artists journals, thanks for the glimpse šŸ™‚

  4. gillianholding – Author

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to allthese comments. Thank you all for looking in and I’m glad you enjoyed the visit!

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