Necessity and Motherhood

The Internet is still down. This is now beyond a joke. The last time I complained to my Internet service provider and threatened to close the account, they responded so kindly and generously with such an attractive new financial package that I was seduced into remaining. I should have realised of course that however little I paid, the service would not be any better. So now I’ve got to face the call centre nightmare to sort it all out for once and for all.

In the meantime, Necessity is doing her usual good job of mothering inventiveness and creativity as I scramble through my chaotic responsibilities. It’s lucky that at heart I am a great optimist and believer in things working out for the best. It’s lucky too that I have a track record of never having failed to deliver on time anything important. ‘Knowing’ that failure is not an option and that everything will work out in this current mad cycle of shows, festivals and performances is the main thing I am clinging onto.

But it is an interesting thing about necessity. You can either freeze like a rabbit in the headlights when things look like they are spiralling out of control or just get on with it all and wait for inspirational, innovative and original solutions to strike as you go along.

It’s an exhilarating ride if you don’t fall off. When the creative instinct is allowed its full force, magical things happen.

One of my commitments recently has been the production of a series of back projections for an amateur dramatic performance being performed next week. After running around for a few hours at a rehearsal last night, I stopped for a few seconds towards the end and began to watch the performance from the ‘wrong’ side. Mysterious and beautiful imagery appeared, reminiscent of Oriental shadow puppetry. I began to photograph the performance from this odd perspective and was very excited by the results. One is above.

It’s a good job I’m not directing. I like this view so much I’d be tempted to drag the audience backstage!


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