On The Edge Arts Festival @Templeworks

On The Edge Arts Festival @Templeworks Leeds

On The Edge Arts Festival @Templeworks Leeds July 15-17 2012

I was amused yesterday to be reminded in an odd way about art, context and intention.

We were having a lively debate about geography, as in geography the school subject. I have always loved maps and cities and most aspects of social and physical geography but strangely never really took to the subject at school. The kids are the same, and we have yet to see any GCSE geography coursework knocking around our household. In a slightly cynical discussion about why others do choose to study the subject, someone offered up field trips as the big attraction. Then promptly dissolved into laughter about a field trip to Leeds City Centre to sit and count passers-by.

In a flash I was reminded about an approaching project I have which will involve me doing precisely that. Lurking not quite in the city centre, but in some light industrial suburb close by, over the course of a few days I plan to ‘map’ the demographics of this small area through drawings. The main difference though is that my venture is not geographic research but preparation for an art installation for the upcoming On The Edge arts festival taking place in July at Temple Works in Holbeck.

It’s all about intention and context!


One response to On The Edge Arts Festival @Templeworks

  1. Lurking?? Dark glasses, hat pulled low, camera poking out of coat sleeve, in a dark corner? Do hope so!

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