The Paradox of Excessive Consumption

This week’s set of selections from the archive (prompted by Frogspondrock) are photos of stock in the food department of a large and well known Parisian department store. Actually, though, you could walk into a number of famous stores worldwide and see a not dissimilar display. The range of choice is breathtaking and inspires buying like nothing else I know. Even if it’s just a little chocolate bar, or a small tin of attractive sardines.

And yet… Is it possible to wander through this display of excess and not be just slightly troubled by the profusion of it all?

butter, butter, yet more butter...

Fruit juices. Juices of fruits you never even heard of.


2 responses to The Paradox of Excessive Consumption

  1. Your link is broken, 😦 would you like to come back over and add a new link?
    Recently we had a sugar scare and people started to panic buy sugar. each day for about a fortnight the supermarkets would be out of sugar by mid-morning. It brought home to me how this illusion of excess lulls us into a false sense of food security.

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