Professionalism at Play

I love nothing more than seeing something (anything, really) carried out with real professionalism and then surpassing expectation. And in recent months it’s been my privilege and joy to work behind the scenes for a production of Fiddler On The Roof, and to thus observe a group of people of all ages and experience come together to display extraordinary professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to reach the highest of heights culminating in an amazing production. A bit of hyperbole? Not really.

Most had never really acted before. But it’s amazing what willingness to listen and learn and hard work and a 100% can-do attitude can achieve. Add to the mix wonderful direction (both acting and music), and brilliantly entertaining performances have emerged across the board.

I think much of this success is all to do with attention to detail, and unbelievably high standards of expectation. I’ve noticed in life over the years that in pretty much any field, the higher the expectation, the higher the outcome and level of achievement. It’s too easy to have low expectations. I’m a firm believer in aiming as high as possible and letting inspiration, imagination and hard work do the rest.

But attention to detail counts for a lot. A stage crew practicing particular set changes over and over to get it as slick as possible. A director taking the trouble to note every small thing and then encourage the cast to constantly improve. A costume team remodelling an entire garment at the last minute to get it absolutely right. And lighting and sound teams working all hours to achieve the desired result.

It may be an ‘amateur’ production, but it exudes professionalism. I wouldn’t have missed seeing it happen for anything.


3 responses to Professionalism at Play

  1. margaret nickels

    It was fantastic and there was a superb atmosphere in the hall.Thank you all .

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