The Limits of Technology?

It has taken me a few days to fully recover from my nasty bout of sickness the other day. Only this morning did I feel able to haul myself out of bed early for a jog.

It seems the sickness was not divine retribution for my slovenly ways though. I have now heard of a number of others suffering the same way, and so the fridge can safely fester for another week at least. I have more important things to do than check food labels. Or maybe not.

One of the attractions on my morning run/jog/walk at the moment are the lime blossoms I mentioned yesterday. Definitely worth getting out of bed for, and some are pictured above.

As I passed by I did wonder how I had ever managed to spend any time in the past on a gym treadmill. How could I have been seduced by technology into exercising indoors all those years ago? What a waste of the senses.

Technology is far too seductive. We think we can live lives through our computers and I suppose many people actually do. I acquired a new graphics tablet this week and was amazed that the ‘eraser’ tool now feels like an eraser, and the ‘brush’ nib feels like a brush. So gradually all our sensory needs may eventually be met.

But hopefully not when I’m still on the planet. I love what my IT devices can do, but quite honestly, they lack soul. To live life to the full, all senses need engaging. Paper, ink, trees, flowers, water: the list goes on. I don’t think I will ever be able to do without these. However clever the computer gets.


5 responses to The Limits of Technology?

  1. Of course, as a writer, I left the I out of the sentence hahaha gotta love those public typos lol

  2. Edward Canavarro

    We’re lucky to live in an era when nature still has a role in our lives… albeit a shrinking role. But, as technology develops, hopefully it fuses with nature more… whats that term? Oh yeah, “convergence.”

  3. I agree with you entirely. 15 years ago when I first used the PC to make an image I thought that it was the paintbrush for the 21st Century. Now I find that I cannot do without the organic materials, water and paper, simple colors and the connection that the hand has with simple tools like brushes and palettes. Your summer does look very inviting from down here where it is the middle of winter.

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