A Great New Art App

Bored with Life? Done everything? Been everywhere? After my technology rants of the past week, I still have no compunction in suggesting a quick surf of the App store to bring a little zing back into life.

Idly swishing the screen yesterday, I found a new free app brimming with yellow stars. It has entertained the whole family for hours. It’s a bit different for two reasons.

First, it’s the only photo app I’ve seen which activates the filter as you view the subject through the camera lens. Even better, it does this as well in video mode. And since the filters comprise fun modes such as cartoons and comics, you can picture the fun we’ve been having. Wacky Races watch out.

The other interesting aspect is that it’s an app with adverts, and that’s why it’s free to download. You can upgrade to be advert free, but the ads are so subtle I can’t even tell you what they are. I’m sure my subconscious will argue with that, but not enough to upgrade just yet. Is this the future? I was immensely irritated when I discovered recently that my carefully crafted blog visual aesthetic had been hijacked by WordPress to show adverts in certain modes, but I cant face upgrading at the moment to avoid them. But I realise I can’t have it both ways.

Oh yes. The name of the app? Camera Art FX free. Great fun.


2 responses to A Great New Art App

  1. Thanks for the link to this fun app – I have had a most enjoyable day. It’s also proving to be a great creative tool for re-thinking an approach to a composition.

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