Random Originality

Can you see a face?

Can you see a face?




















I somehow feel I ought to be able to see a face in this image if I stare at it long enough. Because if you stare at anything for long enough, you begin to work out human forms. Everyone knows about clouds, of course, and trees probably come a close second. But there are ‘faces’ everywhere around us. I posted on the notion of pareidolia a while back, (which is the ‘seeing’ of faces in amorphous shapes), and I seem to have been very pareidolic this last week.

It started with my enforced bed-rest with the dreaded lurgy, when I began to pick out hundreds of faces in the ceiling. And has continued throughout this rather intensively introspective last seven days.

Suddenly, it’s there. The one I see. I’ve drawn it for you. There will be others, of course, but this is the first one that pops out at me. Feel free to engage in a spot of pareidolia yourself, and let me know how you get on.

Here's my 'face'

Here's my 'face'


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