If I Had A Third Arm??

I think  The Daily Post in the end won. I am beaten to the ground. Today I must ask myself: If I had a third arm, where would it be? Blue buses transport birds of spring, yet grass remains green. Elephants sometimes support plants and Chinese teapots offer a burst of blue to my vision. Yet the silver bubbles of the picture frame hide as much as they reveal, and still the grass has not been mawked. Yellow Post-Its fortunately don’t always have green ink though the pen holder is a nasty shiny black. I must deal with form-filling and language exchange.

This experiment is now officially terminated. Thanks to all readers for their patience if you have followed this past week.

Normal service may or may not be resumed tomorrow if I have recovered sufficiently to face the keyboard.

This is the seventh and last post in a week-long experiment to take my daily inspiration from a third party. It has been… interesting.


6 responses to If I Had A Third Arm??

  1. rowena

    I roared with laughter when I saw the prompt this morning and have been wondering what you would say! I can pronounce myself totally satisfied! I don’t blame you at all for leaving the future prompts alone!

    • gillianholding – Author

      What a way to end the week, huh? I can tell you that my reaction on reading the prompt was not one of laughter. But I did enjoy writing the response, I must say.

      • OK, so my laughter was at what I anticipated would be your (incredulous?) reaction to it. But it goes to show that any prompt, no matter how idiotic, can lead to something …..

      • gillianholding – Author

        Yes, I can imagine your raucous laughter! And I think two questions marks amply evidenced my incredulity

  2. Congrats on doing a week’s worth of third party inspiration. Not that I’m against third party inspiration. I’m just not able to necessarily use that inspiration on the day it tries to… well… inspire me!

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