The Lure Of The Railways

There seems to be a great deal of attraction at the moment in compiling bucket lists. I’m not really one to make lists of what I want to do, because I think there’s more fun in grabbing opportunities as they present themselves. Still, the debate made me reflect that one of my all-time favourite activities is long distance rail travel, and there are a few continents I have yet to cross in this way. So this Sunday Selection comprises a few shots of stations and trains I have already enjoyed…  (a meme from Frogspondrock)

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5 responses to The Lure Of The Railways

  1. Me too … I adore a train trip. Recently did New York to Boston, it was like being in a movie … did Sydney to Broken Hill a few years ago, that was stupendous. Thank You for a brilliant post, love it 🙂

  2. I watched the slideshow numerous times daydreaming about trains and journeys. Thankyou. We dont have passenger trains here in Tasmania, they were phased out when I was a child and I miss riding on a train.

    • gillianholding – Author

      Goodness, how amazing to think of a place with no trains. Does everyone use cars all the time then? I have no sense of the scale of the place!

  3. Thank you for this. Not only is train travel itself a great way to get from A to B, but – as you have shown – the trains and the stations can be beautiful. I did Paris to Berlin from the horrid Gare du Nord. Hauptahnhof in East Berlin is fabulous, with multistory train lines. I also did Paris to Barcelona, from the charming Gare de Lyon. Both of those were sleeper trains, which is a great way of saving on hotel bills! My least favourite station is Gare St Lazare in Paris – dirty, too many steps, nowhere to sit, only 1 loo for the millions who pass through the station, and in constant upheaval from so-called renovations (for the past 20 years – when will they finish?).

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