Surreal Life

Yes. It’s a piano. In a supermarket. Waitrose, to be precise, in North Leeds. And why not? It’s about time muzak in public spaces ceded to music.

This particular piano has found its way into Waitrose to allow any member of the public fancying a tinkle on the ivories to… have a go. It’s also part of the outreach activities and a bit of publicity for the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition 2012 taking place towards the end of next year.

There’s not enough written or shown about the Competition in the media, I think. Its a shame, since it truly is an extraordinary endeavour, a world-class event, and deserves wider appreciation and recognition within the region. Maybe great piano-playing is something of a minority interest these days. But listening to great piano-playing is one of the joys of life, accessible to all.

Over the next twelve months, I will be writing about it more than once or twice, I hope.


2 responses to Surreal Life

    • gillianholding – Author

      Did I hell! In front of Dame Fanny Waterman?? I admired the confidence of those who did. R did though….They had assembled a row of chairs in front of the soap powder for a bundle of sprightly nonogenerians… or however you spell it…

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