Holbeck’s Urban Botanic Wonders

As regular readers will have gathered, my studio is in the heart of a light industrial area in the southern reaches of Leeds. But it borders a trendy architecturally refurbished old warehouse area with a number of decent espresso outlets, and to get from one side to the other, I have to amble through a fair amount of light industrial wasteland at least once a day. It’s a fruitful source of inspiration for all sorts of things.

I love this walk because there’s always something new and surprising to see. These last few weeks, the big excitement for me has been the sight of  wild flower meadows emerging from the rubble. Who would have thought so many colourful blooms could find their way through such unpromising terrain?

I realise it’s not immediately apparent though from these snaps of the locality. My camera phone was not up to the task of capturing the full-blown meadow effect. So I’ve put together a short slide-show to illustrate the real botanic experience of wandering through Holbeck. A surprising  show, don’t you think? It perfectly encapsulates for me the odd dissonant effect of working in this area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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