In Search Of WiFi

I’m away on and off now pretty much for the next month. So for the next few weeks I shall be scrabbling around looking for free wifi hotspots.

It’s now impossible to escape daily routines from home or work. We are so used to having instant access to email, Internet and text messages that pretending we can manage without is simply self-delusion. Very little I pick up when I’m away is necessary or urgent, but you just never know.

When I was young, it would have been seen as odd to contact anyone at home from Abroad without good reason. Postcards were fine, but phoning was unthinkable and even letters were excessive.

So we traipse the streets of this city, eyes peeled for Internet access. If we’re lucky, it’s an automatic connection. If not, there’s the slight hassle of determining the code.

Which brings me to today’s special. I don’t think the photo above gives much away, and Paris is s pretty big place, so I think it’s in order for me to reveal how I accessed the Internet this afternoon.

abcdefgh01234577890123456789. Non-case sensitive.

Now that’s my idea of a code. Ultra long but ultra easy. What a pity I am unlikely to find myself in this vicinity tomorrow.


2 responses to In Search Of WiFi

  1. The perfect code! You should have seen me in Scotland this week trying to hook up to BT hotspots which I can use under my home contract…… one of the chairs in the garden, but only one, and only so long no-one has moved it; on the bedside table on one side of the bed, but only right in the middle and a couple of inches away from the wall, or directly in the middle of the window sill in the porch. It’s become a challenge and an ongoing experiment. The only comfortable spot is the chair in the garden, but then I can’t see the screen very well!

    Bon courage with the hunt in Paris!

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