There’s A Hole In My Bucket…


I need to crack on with painting in the new studio space. I have been so excited by this great new workspace, but having moved in and dumped everything across the floor in a tearing hurry last week, I can’t now find anything and yesterday was very frustrating as I searched for brushes, mediums, varnishes and pastels.

So I need to get it all organized fast. But I can’t get it organized until I have set up the shelving system.

Unfortunately the shelves I want to use are in Third Daughter’s room and are occupied by a load of old toys which need sorting.

Sadly there is no space to sort these old toys in the bedroom, because the whole room is being reorganized and every available space is taken.

The solution is to move stuff out and sort it all on the landing. But the landing is stuffed full of stuff from Second Daughters room which has just been redecorated. A particularly big wing chair is occupying the central space.

I therefore need to move the chair from the landing and because Second Daughter doesn’t want it back in her room, I have decided it should go to my studio.

But I can’t take it to my studio because my studio hasn’t been organized yet, because the shelves I need are in Third Daughter’s room.

Any ideas, dear Liza?


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