Holbeck Botanic Gardens

I admit it. I am completely obsessed by the wildflower meadows I have happened upon in Holbeck. The last couple of days, they have been particularly wondrous. I suggested to my husband that we go on a trip last night to view them, but funnily enough he preferred the idea of the cinema. He may have secretly ended up regretting missing the Holbeck wildflowers, since we had forgotten it was Orange Wednesday, and after queueing for ages, the film we wanted to see had sold out before we reached the ticket desk.

I have tweeted an image, but don’t seem to have fired up much inspiration for many outings to the wasteland meadows. At least, I still seem to be the only person knocking around this scarred industrial landscape where even the parking meters don’t have a job to do. So today I bring Holbeck’s bountiful offerings to the world. I collected all the different blooms I could find, and photographed them for posterity. I was careful not to uproot any, but even if I had, we are talking thousands upon thousands of plants here.

Just for good measure, here is another shot of one of the amazing sites…


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