Holbeck Botanic Gardens Part II

Botanic Gardens of Holbeck: Location map

I am delighted that a great deal of interest has now been shown in the magical delights of Holbeck’s hidden floral delights. The awful weather of the past couple of days has not made for ideal viewing, but they are still there. The predominant blue of the cornflowers in the south-west ‘meadow’ is giving way slightly to the yellow daisies, but it should be good for a few more days yet.

So in response to a few queries from people about where exactly these displays can be found, I have (thanks to Google Maps) provided you with the information you need. The road is best approached from Water Lane, but don’t be put off by the turn into what appears to be wasteland. Park (there are a load of car park slots used only when Leeds United are playing at home from my observations today), and then get out and wander along the path of the Holbeck Ginnel. You have to get out and walk to truly appreciate the diversity!

And today’s view is a little section of roadside border which has more of a red theme than the larger meadows.

holbeck flowers


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