Consumer Opportunities at 80mph

There’s not much you can do on a motorway when the tailback comes into sight. Clucking at the view of bumper to bumper stalemate is pointless and unsatisfying. Noticing the right hand lane diverted to and running clear the other side of the central reservation is maddeningly frustrating, but that’s how it is.

To take my mind off arriving late at the airport to meet third daughter after a month’s absence, I decide to go shopping. At such moments, the App Store comes into its own.

And I was delighted to discover Super 8 (a super8 movie format app) and Reel Director (an editing app). By the time the obstruction had been cleared and we were back up to speed along the M25, I had filmed and edited a little something to amuse myself.

So now that I have a USB power connection to charge my phone, the sky is the limit for entertaining myself over the next couple of days and 900 miles.

Sometimes I really really love technology.

I can’t embed my efforts on this post from my phone, but if you want to see the movie…



Respond to Consumer Opportunities at 80mph

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