A New Obsession

I have done very little since my wild shopping expedition yesterday at the App Store, except film and edit videos. It was a well spent £1.39, I must say.

Luckily I cannot be accused of anti-social non-family behavior because all the under-21s are sleeping off their two weeks of social excess, and the driver is listening to his choice on the radio. I am therefore free to spend hours playing at being a movie director.

I haven’t been quite so creatively inspired for a long while by a technological toy. The very limitations and basic nature of the system make it a very satisfying diversion. Working within constraints encourages both ingenuity and a clear focus, and early results are very promising.

In anticipation of the demands all this movie-making will make on my phone, I have spent an hour ruthlessly editing (deleting) a mass of casual snaps clogging up the system. I will probably rue making half the deletions in due course, but it’s worth it to free up capacity for my potential Oscar-winning efforts.

We are now at the Port Of Dover about to embark on a ferry for the first time in years. We were pulled over, and I was told off and narrowly missed being fined for not wearing my seat belt as we crawled along at 3mph approaching the passport booths.

Sadly I was tapping this and not filming as Mr Officious poked his head through the window. It would have made a great short. A missed opportunity, but I reckon there will be plenty more over the next fortnight of holiday fun.


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