Rhythm of Life

It takes a while to adjust to the rhythm of holiday, and a while to adjust to the rhythm of heat. After a few days of sun with no relief save in the pool or under the shower, it becomes obvious that the day needs to start at 6 am, hibernation has to happen between 1 and 4, and then slow motion tourism can take place towards the end of the day.

A delightful air-conditioned drive along the banks if the Dordogne last night persuaded us that the car in fact was the place to be, and that going for a drive in the manner of times past was the activity of choice.

So survival plans for today were put into operation with military precision. An early morning walk, breakfast before the wasps were up and then a car journey of at least an hour to find lunch somewhere with shade.

It worked brilliantly, and we congratulated ourselves on the first day without heat rage. Until we realised we had picked the first day with a bit of cloud cover and lower temperatures generally to go on this gas-guzzling expedition.

Still, it’s nice to be able to just lie and read without worrying how to keep cool. It makes me appreciate English weather rather more, and that would be a very good thing to remember come the autumn when the wintry stuff kicks in.


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