Shades of Blue and Green

I am consumed by colour and light at present. This little island is a veritable jewel, with facets of emerald, turquoise, amethyst, silver and opal.

The scenery around me shifts at every turn, with every passing minute. At first glance, the sea is a gunmetal grey, then I look back moments later and it is sea green with ultramarine shadows.

No camera can capture this fleeting kaleidoscope of colour to my satisfaction. Nor have I attempted to paint it. Standing and gazing across the salt marshes, I do have though a sense of the despairing endeavours of artists in times past trying to pin down for eternity their encounters with coastal light.

It’s enough to turn any painter back towards modernism.


2 responses to Shades of Blue and Green

  1. rowena

    I’ve loved the clouds in the photos in the last three posts – it’s a series in the making. X

    • gillianholding – Author

      There is no avoiding the sky here. It’s extraordinary. These are as much photos of sky as anything else. I don’t think I have seen skies like these anywhere; and that’s saying something.

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