Clouds And More Clouds

You may have noticed an observant comment attached to yesterday’s post that clouds have formed a significant feature of the images I’ve posted over the last few days.

Having taken so many photos over the last week, I couldn’t quite remember exactly what I’d included, and the painfully irritating limited wifi options where I am made it surprisingly challenging for me to refresh my memory. But I was intrigued to see that my friend Rowena who made the observation is quite right.

I find it fascinating when other people pick out connections in my work that I am ignoring at a conscious level, but then when I think about it assume unconscious relevance:- even if it takes a while to work out what it is, and whether it is of real significance.

In this case, I’m interested to realise that these images have all been purely about a compositional response to the shape and light effects I have encountered, without regard for formal subject matter, expression or narrative. These may all be incidentally present but not through any conscious plan. Sometimes I couldn’t even tell you exactly where the photo was taken. It’s interesting to me to reflect on this because when I’m working figuratively I find it easy sometimes to lose the compositional plot. So working on a purely abstract formal basis is a bit different.

Where this all may lead I know not. But it makes for an interesting diversionary approach.


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