Blue Skies

After days of fascinating turbulent skies, it comes as a shock to be greeted and pursued by infinite blue.

This, after all, is the sky of choice of most holiday makers fleeing late August bank holiday rain in Britain. There is an unspoken fear on any trip south of the Channel that anything less than full sunshine will take the edge off the vacation. Heat and sun is what we spend the summer craving, and heat and sun is what we shall receive if pray to the right gods.

Yet after last week in the sweltering heat of the French countryside, it was blissful relief to experience the wind and bluster of the Atlantic coast. I’m slightly alarmed to realise that maybe in my middle age, I’ve become so accustomed to the vagaries of English weather that secretly I don’t really want full sun and cloudless skies. I rather like a temperature where I can enjoy the whole day without wanting to retreat into a cave.

Sunshine needs punctuation by rain and clouds to make it truly enjoyable and fully appreciated.

I’ll probably regret writing this as soon as I’m back in the UK and see the grey skies everyone else has been enjoying this past week.


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