Travel, Motorways and Space

I have very little to say today except this: France is huge.

I know it’s not as big as Canada or Australia or the US, but you expect them to be enormous and you can take it into account in planning. France, on the other hand, however many times you go there never ceases to amaze in terms of size and distance.

I can say this with assurance having spent a good part of this morning examining one of those Distances and Journey Times charts you find lurking at the back of road atlases.

I have plotted a number of imaginary and sadly all too real itineraries and been astounded at the miles it is possible to cover even between towns and cities ‘close’ on the map. I caused uproar in the whole car when I carelessly announced Tours to Boulogne (planned for tomorrow) is a mere 925km. Loudly challenged, I looked again and saw I had annoyingly traced the line across from Toulouse on the chart.

Only slightly mollified by the prospect of a mere 349km, they have all lapsed back into stupor.

I think I won’t bother suggesting a non-motorway itinerary, however. Bring on the autoroute.


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