Livin’ it Up In The Middle Of Nowhere

In any unfamiliar place, it’s hard not to reflect on how life is for the people who live there. At midday, with a village shuttered up and silent save for a lone boulangerie with a queue half a mile long, you can’t help but be curious to think about what passes for entertainment in the countryside miles from anywhere where the most interesting development appears to be a giant supermarket a single kilometre away.

Here in a village in Touraine in the western part of central France, we were provided with some potentially intriguing insights. Wandering back to the car with bags of bread, cheese and fruit and having resisted the lure of three live chickens for €10, eldest daughter spotted the establishment featured in the picture above.

Next to the optimistically named Hotel de Commerce, the unassuming worn facade of L’Ecurie (The Stables) promises both a bar and a disco.

We stood awhile and contemplated this Mecca of entertainment, and pondered the nature of the disco: the decor, the clientele, the music. It seemed a singular place to run a club.

But of course any night time club anywhere will lack a bit of glitz during the day. We could stand and speculate all day long, but only a visit on a Saturday night would reveal its true glory. And by next Saturday we will be back in another country and another world.


2 responses to Livin’ it Up In The Middle Of Nowhere

  1. La France Profund. There are without a doubt some incredible places. With some unusual watering holes. Some, cafe in the middle of nowhere, where they made incredible coffee, and brought us the milk, still in its cardboard container.

    Love it.

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