Procrastination Woe

I dislike labels and categorising when it comes to cultural matters, and I feel uneasy about generalisations and sweeping statements. Even when I do it myself.

So it’s perhaps a bit of a paradox that I like finding ‘rules’ about life. I enjoy sayings, and love the eternal truths they reveal about the way people are. And I derive great joy from formulating rules about my own place in the universe.

One I have used a lot recently is the observation I made a while back that the world is divided into two camps. The first camp says “Why do something today if it will wait until tomorrow?” The second camp says “Why do something tomorrow if it can be done today?”

Needless to say I am firmly in the first camp, alongside my son and probably my daughters. Sadly (but probably usefully) my husband is equally firmly in the second camp. You can imagine quite easily the misunderstandings which can accordingly arise.

I think I would like to be in the second camp. It probably makes life easier and more organised, but somehow I just can’t swap sides.

The worst case scenario is just completely forgetting about a load of non essential tasks which suddenly become alarmingly urgent. Thus after a fortnight’s holiday, I managed to mentally bury all the final finishing tasks required to get paintings ready for my exhibition this coming week until mad panic ensued this afternoon and completely spoiled my day of rest.

It’s just about done now. Will I have learnt my lesson? If only. If only.


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