Traffic Jam Beauty

It pays to seek beauty wherever possible. After a day of squeezing in everything (morning pages between waking and rising; walk between shrieking at untidy children; concert between loading car up with paintings and driving down the motorway) I managed to squeeze in this appreciative view of a traffic jam going south on the M1.

Such bitter irony. You run around like a mad idiot for eight hours trying to fit everything in to be in a specific place by a certain hour, and then suddenly it’s enforced stillness. Nothing you can do about it. All that rushing around, and you might just as well have taken things slowly because in the end the rushing has made not one jot of difference.

So I have all the time in the world to sit and enjoy the taillights, the flashes of vivid red, the reflections in the car bonnet. An inspiring scene. Thank you, road traffic maintenance people, for giving me this chance to extend and develop my aesthetic sensibilities.


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